Estranged Log — Act I

The last 200 commits to the Estranged development repository. Showing branch "Act I".

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Revision Author Message Time Files Changes
3151Alan EdwardesSubtitles now don't show in VR, however if set, close captions do. Set vr_translation_limit to 100 to better support the Oculus Rift DK2.4 months3
3150Alan EdwardesReverted recent SDK changes - there are some compatibility issues we have to work out here first.

Reverse merged revision(s) 3148-3147 from branches/act1:
Reverted accidental closecaption changes (not ready just yet).
Reverted creategameprojects.bat change (accidental).
4 months294
3149Alan EdwardesMerged in,, and and new binaries for Linux and Windows from the SDK Base 2013 Steam depot.4 months293
3148Alan EdwardesReverted creategameprojects.bat change (accidental).4 months1
3147Alan EdwardesReverted accidental closecaption changes (not ready just yet).4 months1
3146Alan EdwardesMerged in, adding libprotobuf.lib for VS 2012 and 2013. Added supportsvr 1 to gameinfo.txt.4 months7
3144Alan EdwardesSecurity and stability updates to Arque OS.7 months4
3143Alan EdwardesUpdates to Brazillian, Danish, Greek, Japanese, Pirate, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, and Korean translations.8 months52
3140Alan EdwardesFixes for players with unusual characters in their Estranged: Act I path, such as the hash symbol.9 months3
3139Alan EdwardesAdded Koreana localisations. Updates to Russian, Polish, Danish, Brazilian, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Swedish, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Romanian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Italian, Hungarian, German, Finish, Czech and Greek.9 months64
3138Alan EdwardesRestored 16x16, 32x32 and 48x48 Windows icons.9 months1
3137Alan EdwardesUpdated windows icon.9 months1
3136Alan EdwardesUpdated steamcmd.exe.9 months1
3135Alan EdwardesUpdated game icon with trade mark symbol.9 months2
3134Alan EdwardesUpdates to Brazilian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Traditional Chinese and Thai translations.9 months16
3133Alan EdwardesUpdates to estrangedact1_korean.txt and estrangedact1_polish.txt.9 months2
3132Alan EdwardesUpdates to closecaption_danish.dat and closecaption_russian.dat.9 months4
3127Alan EdwardesUpdated Brazilian, Finnish, Italian, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Greek, Korean, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Ukrainian localisation.10 months40
3111Alan EdwardesUpdates to Danish, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, Brazilian, Norwegian, Swedish, Traditional Chinese and Ukrainian localisations.10 months36
3098Gregory WasdykeUp to date guard Shimsham Wibbly Bong10 months15
3033Alan EdwardesBranching for Act I.11 months1

Showing estrangedact1/trunk from revision 1 to 3031

Revision Author Message Time Files Changes
3031Alan EdwardesUpdated ae.js.11 months1
3030Alan EdwardesAdded Japanse, Polish, Korean, Thai, Turkish and Veitnamese localisations. Updates to all other languages.11 months60
3027Alan EdwardesHack to fix the slow player movement and disabled jump/sprint when loading saves on sp02.11 months3
3026Alan EdwardesReverted r3023.11 months1
3025Alan EdwardesOn behalf of greg: trimmed down version of the guard.11 months29
3024Alan EdwardesAded xalenersrc.11 months1
3023Christiaan BakkerFixed DoF trace.. I think.. Shh... Go away! Test it!11 months1
3022Alan EdwardesAdded a tester to the credits.11 months1
3021Alan EdwardesStopped the game re-building AI nodes for estrangedact1.11 months1
3020Alan EdwardesUpdated a contributor's website URL in the credits.11 months1
3019Alan EdwardesAdded Finnish localisations. Updates to Czech, Finnish, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Thai and Ukrainian localisations.11 months37
3018Alan EdwardesConVar v_viewmodel_fov is no longer a cheat.11 months1
3017Alan EdwardesFixed an incorrect Steam profile link in the credits.11 months1
3016Alan EdwardesDisabled shader-driven screen effects on Mac to fix issues with gamma.11 months1
3015Alan EdwardesUpdated a credits profile link.11 months1
3013Alan EdwardesAdded missing languages to ae.js.11 months1
3012Alan EdwardesTweaked ae.js to pull back languages with a fallback.11 months1
3011Alan EdwardesAdded more localisations.11 months30
3010Alan EdwardesFar more localisations.11 months52
3009Alan EdwardesSpanish js.11 months2
3008Alan EdwardesUpdates to brazillian.11 months1
3007Alan EdwardesAdded incomplete brazillian localisations.11 months3
3006Alan EdwardesFixed typo in dutch.11 months1
3005Alan EdwardesDuuuutch localisations.11 months3
3004Alan EdwardesFinal french tweaks.11 months3
3003Alan EdwardesAdded closecaption_dutch and estrangedact1_dutch.11 months3
3002Alan EdwardesRecompiled cc.11 months1
3001Alan EdwardesFinal portuguese. Added czech to ae.js.11 months5
3000Alan EdwardesCzech and traditional Chinese localisations.11 months8
2999Alan EdwardesFinal version of closecaption_russian.11 months2
2998Alan EdwardesAdded Brazillian localisations - js missing!11 months4
2997Alan EdwardesHungarian localisations.11 months4
2996Alan EdwardesUpdatated Italian localisations.11 months5
2994Alan EdwardesUpdated french localisations.11 months3
2993Alan EdwardesFixed a credits profile link. Also removed Joao and NF, who were in there twice.11 months1
2992Alan EdwardesReverted earlier change of sp10 to keep in sync with the steam build. This will not be fixed.11 months1
2991Alan EdwardesAdded all testers to the credits. The credits now last just as long as the music.11 months1
2990Alan EdwardesAdded commas to months1
2989Alan EdwardesEnglish typo fix.11 months1
2988Alan EdwardesEnglish localisation tweak based on feedback.11 months1
2987Alan now adds "GameTitle" and "GameSubtitle" to the top of the converted JS file.11 months1
2986Alan EdwardesFixed prop_door_rotating in sp10 being openable by the player.11 months1
2983Alan EdwardesNew French localisations - estrangedact1_french.txt.11 months1
2981Alan EdwardesNew french localisations.11 months2
2978Alan EdwardesFixed my last change as it caused console spam.11 months1
2977Alan EdwardesMade the decision to disable color grading, as it's causing gamma issues on Mac OSX (and isn't used anymore since r2962).11 months1
2976Alan EdwardesReplaced old contributors in the intro credits.11 months1
2975Alan EdwardesAdded the complete audacity project file for John's distress call.11 months23
2974Alan EdwardesThe SDK setup bat now creates a CmdSeq.wc file, allowing users to compile Estranged maps.11 months2
2973Alan EdwardesRecompiled CCs.11 months1
2972Alan EdwardesAdded Greek localisations.11 months5
2971Alan EdwardesAttempted fix of the AI node graph rebuild problem by making source search all paths, and write to DEFAULT_WRITE_PATH.11 months1
2970Alan EdwardesRemoved the second sanitiser call from run_steam_build.bat, since the build box doesn't need VPKs removing after it has them.11 months1
2969Alan EdwardesAdded run_steam_build_novpk_nosanitiser.bat for quick binary-only updates.11 months1
2968Alan EdwardesPosix compilation fix.11 months1
2967Alan EdwardesOverhauled the menu scaling code - there is now more room for localisations.
The menu item text better scales to resolutions, and the Estranged logo at the top of the menu also scales.
Changed the menu tag ("ACT I") to be the same size as the main logo to facilitate this.
Tweaked the amount of damage the capturer deals.
The extras menu is now always visible.
11 months8
2966Alan EdwardesThis is an extremely dangerous change, and will not appear on Steam until we are absolutely certain it's stable:
- Ripped SSAO render target init from view.cpp.
- Implemented CEstrangedClientRenderTargets, a class responsible for startup and teardown of render targets.
- Added code to this class to detected resolution changes, and re-init the render targets as required with the new resolution.
- Added null checks around the CEstrangedSystemCaps material system singleton calls.
- Updated VPC with new files.
11 months5
2965Alan EdwardesBug fix: added player clip to sp01 to prevent players getting over a small gap in the fence to get behind John's hut, before triggering the scene.11 months1
2964Alan EdwardesTypo fixes in the credits.11 months1
2963Alan EdwardesRemoved capturer from beginning of sp07a.11 months1
2962Alan EdwardesBugfix - color grading in sp10, block bullets brush.11 months1
2961Alan EdwardesBugfix - duplicated barrels in sp07b.11 months1
2960Dima KudriaFixed easter egg place, frame of door was inside of door.
fixed when tv broken lights not turn off
11 months1
2959Alan EdwardesAll builds now automatically get pushed to unstable.11 months1
2958Christiaan BakkerAdded one extra track to use as a 'trail' in sp10 after transitioning from sp09.
Added music to sp09.
11 months4
2957Christiaan BakkerAdded two new music tracks. (map integration tbd)11 months3
2956Dima KudriaDeleted graffiti11 months1
2955Dima KudriaChanged lunch room

decrease brightness of light after kitchen above of the switch to power off the power
11 months1
2954Alan EdwardesTweaked the displacement alpha on the grass at the beginning of sp02 - it didn't fit with the level transition.11 months1
2953Alan EdwardesTweaks to a name on the credits.11 months1
2952Alan EdwardesFixed some prop_static entities not being "Not Solid".11 months1
2951Alan EdwardesUpdates to the credits.11 months1
2950Alan EdwardesFixed the cave getting you stuck in sp08.11 months1
2949Alan EdwardesFixed "SDK" bat. Again. Seriously this time.11 months1
2948Alan EdwardesFixed fire extinguisher duplicating, added cancels to the professor scenes to stop peoeple cheating his lines (although I couldn't recreate the bug where he messes up and starts walking backwards).11 months1
2947Alan EdwardesFlipped the train over to brush based collision instead of using the model's physics mesh.11 months1
2946Alan EdwardesTweaks to the train VMTs.11 months4
2945Alan EdwardesAdded phong to traincar_seats001, inverted normal map.11 months2
2944Alan EdwardesFixed the nodraw room in sp05. You can still get to it, however you can't go in.11 months1
2943Alan EdwardesMade the SDK scripts respect spaces in the path.11 months4
2942Alan EdwardesImplemented "evening news".11 months1
2941Alan EdwardesAdded EA1_EVENING_NEWS achievement. Added icon to achievements.psd. Implemented in FGD.11 months4
2940Dima KudriaFixed level transition11 months1
2939Alan EdwardesUpdates to estrangedact1_english.js.11 months1
2938Dima KudriaFixed floating corner of building11 months1
2937Alan Edwardes\n to \r\n conversion.11 months1
2936Alan EdwardesFixed bug in converter.11 months1
2935Alan EdwardesImproved localisation JavaScript to KeyValues converter, added KeyValues back to JavaScript so translators can test their changes.11 months1
2934Dima KudriaAdded more testers11 months1
2933Alan EdwardesNew build of steamcmd.exe.11 months1
2932Alan EdwardesMoved bats into a more accessible place, added them to the Steam build.11 months7
2931Alan EdwardesRemoved _ae prefix from new .bats, fixed faceposer.11 months10
2930Alan EdwardesUpdated portable batches.11 months4
2929Alan EdwardesAdded our own .bats for starting SDK tools.11 months11
2928Alan EdwardesNerfed accuracy and damage dealt by the capturer.11 months2
2927Alan EdwardesAdded specular mask to mable, added cubemaps to sp02,11 months3
2926Alan EdwardesFixed titles not loading from the VPK.11 months1
2925Dima KudriaAdded water factory or whatever you call it xD to the end map.11 months1
2924Alan EdwardesFix map_sources folder missing directories.11 months1
2923Alan EdwardesRemoved preview flag from the Steam build script.11 months1
2922Christiaan BakkerIncremented number of skins infected can have. (so skin 4 is used)
Updated DoF trace code which helps solve glitches/bugs where the trace would hit the bounding box of an NPC and return that as the result.
11 months2
2921Alan EdwardesFixed loading sp04 directly allowing the player to backtrack.11 months1
2920Alan EdwardesFixed the flashlight turning off when a player's stamina is depleted.11 months1
2919Alan EdwardesContinual Tweaked Sp01 to set John's idle animation on trigger 1 from scene07. ADded idle_sad.vcd. Continual work to hutman/07.vcd.11 months4
2918Alan EdwardesFixed the player zoom allowing the SMG1 to empty its magazine on zoom out.11 months1
2917Alan EdwardesFixed weapons floating after being dropped, if they are given the the spawnflag SF_WEAPON_MOTION_DISABLED.11 months1
2916Alan EdwardesImplemented SuppressRun into sp01. John now runs to his first run, but when following the player, walks. Moved the fern next to the fence down a little to fix it floating.11 months1
2915Alan EdwardesAdded SupressRun input for npc_hutman.
Added idle.vcd for John without eyebrow movement, so flexes can properly manipulate his face.
Continual work to John's scene - added flexes and adjusted timing.
11 months5
2914Alan EdwardesAdded map source depot to Steam build. Changed content path up a directory, rewrote all paths to account for the change.11 months6
2913Alan EdwardesRemoved ship_wheel.vmf.11 months2
2912Alan EdwardesFixed our shipping hammer being hard-coded to "sourcetest".11 months1
2911Alan EdwardesRemoved level of detail bush from sp08 (it was causing pink/black at a distance). Added more bushes around the rocks, made navigation a little easier. Fixed stretched texture on the pillbox.11 months2
2910Alan EdwardesAdded phong back to rocks in sp08.11 months4
2909Alan EdwardesSlightly darkened and desaturated the rock texture (sp08).11 months4
2908Alan Edwardes- Changed surface properties of the rocks in sp08 to "rock" rather than "none".
- Recompiled all rock models.
- Added _compile_qc.bat to the redaworks folder.
11 months50
2907Alan EdwardesRemoved floor target john_sad_target. This will instead be done with flex.11 months1
2906Alan EdwardesFlex and timing work for John's scene.11 months6
2905Alan Edwardes..and rebuilt CCs.11 months1
2904Alan EdwardesReplaced *sfx* with [sfx].11 months1
2903Alan EdwardesUpdates to the english localisations - these will be pushed to the STS.11 months2
2902Alan EdwardesTweaks to hutnag to make it sound more like the other audio.11 months3
2901Alan EdwardesFixed links displaying outside the bounds of the credits.11 months1
2900Alan EdwardesAdded "sunrays" to sp09.11 months1
2899Alan EdwardesAdded "click" sound for weapon primary fire when there are less than 3 rounds left in the magazine.11 months3
2898Christiaan BakkerAdded "Sun Rays" MP3.11 months2
2897Christiaan BakkerUpdated sp08. Added a few props, tweaked the pillbox. Can still use a good amount of detailing.11 months2
2896Alan EdwardesThe zombie now wakes when you walk next to it, or drop a physics object on or near to it.11 months1
2895Alan EdwardesFixed the elevator light, and moved the clip brush to allow the bucket to sit in the elevator.11 months1
2894Alan EdwardesModified the Estranged options screen in response to translator feedback.11 months1
2893Dima KudriaRemoved the brush water and added pipes instead
fixed black pipe cause of no hitting light
11 months1
2892Alan EdwardesUpdated music in the credits.11 months1
2891Alan EdwardesUpdated sp02 - the train no longer kills you.11 months1
2890Christiaan BakkerAdded credits music MP3 file and soundscript entry. (not integrated into game yet)11 months2
2889Alan EdwardesRemoved phong from prison_objects003, as it was causing issues with the crossing lever on sp02.11 months1
2888Alan EdwardesNew version of sp08 including an extended pillbox.11 months2
2887Alan EdwardesAdded player clip to elevator, and added a clip to stop people taking the zombie to the professor.11 months1
2886Alan EdwardesAdded powerlines and additional detail to the end of sp10. Fixed block LOS brush, added tarpaulin to separate the player from the guards initially.11 months2
2885Christiaan BakkerUpdated capturer scene. Tweaked gesture timing a bit.
Added 'Tipped' music track.
11 months5
2884Alan EdwardesFixed sp07a level transition not transitioning barrels across to sp07b.11 months1
2883Alan EdwardesTweaks to textures at the base of pillars in sp07 in response to feedback.11 months1
2882Nicolas PaulatBlabla change commit11 months1
2881Alan EdwardesWater_bucket -> wilson_the_bucket11 months3
2880Alan EdwardesMoved floating bucket at the end of Sp10, and fixed some incorrect prop type warnings. Added detail to the end sequence for VR people.11 months2
2879Alan EdwardesAdded missing propdata entry.11 months1
2878Alan EdwardesFixed shoes dying in sp09 and some misc texture alignment problems in the level transition.11 months2
2877Alan EdwardesFixed ragdoll spawning when dead.11 months1
2876Alan EdwardesAdded missing skin to pipeset08d_128_001a.11 months13
2875Alan EdwardesFixed fire extinguisher being too shiny.11 months2
2874Alan EdwardesUpdates to gameui_french.txt and valve_french.txt.11 months2
2873Alan EdwardesAdded latest gameui and valve localisations for all languages.11 months36
2872Dima KudriaChanged from infodecal to info_overlay to avoid this problem: months1
2871Dima KudriaFixed weird bug11 months1
2870Alan EdwardesMoved the tanker lamppost down a little.11 months1
2869Alan EdwardesAdded Lone Wolf cubemap to menu_loading.11 months1
2868Alan EdwardesFixed menu_loading.vmf not compiling lighting.11 months1
2867Tom WrightUpdated Footstep error11 months1
2866Dima KudriaMoved cubemap in home cause of the tv reflection on the window.
now windows in home is breakable.
Learned Beams how to fall to right Place xD
11 months1
2865Alan EdwardesNew closecaption_portuguese.11 months2
2864Alan EdwardesTweaked the upper ceiling back to tile in the lunch room.11 months1
2863Alan EdwardesRemoved run_cubemaps_hdr_only.bat.11 months1
2862Alan EdwardesAdded -both to _compile_all.bat.11 months1
2861Alan EdwardesThe bucket is now buoyant.11 months8
2860Alan EdwardesAdded Rez' new sounds to the vending machine.11 months2
2859Alan EdwardesFixed "Estranged in the Dark" being achievable when the flashlight had previously been enabled.11 months3
2858Alan EdwardesThe estranged_interactive_screen now respects a user's custom +use binding. It also displays a "hint" about how to exit the screen. Fixed HideScreen input on estranged_interactive_screen.cpp and added some horrible methods for translating keys to ButtonCode_t in JS.11 months10
2857Alan EdwardesFixed links not working on interactive screens.11 months1
2856Alan EdwardesRebuild sections of the storm drain in sp05 that had messed up lightmaps. Tweaks to the capturer sequence. Fixed a non-self illum light, added "Hey, don't move!" audio (and close caption).11 months9
2855Christiaan BakkerUpdated soda machine with a second skin. (skin's only difference is that selfillum is disabled, a.k.a. the machine is 'off')11 months18
2854Tom WrightUpdated dirt footstep11 months1
2853Tom WrightUpdated/Replaced Lots of sounds
Edited game_sounds_weapons.txt
11 months22
2852Dima KudriaFixed bug with infected
added to vent fan
11 months1
2851Alan EdwardesTweaks to achievement icons.11 months1
2850Alan EdwardesRestored sp02theforest from circa r2213. Removed other versions of maps (these can be pulled from revision history! Version control stores everything ;)11 months5
2849Fran├žois DesforgesAdding the flashfire's warehouse version, to take the old version of sp02theforest11 months1
2848Alan EdwardesEstranged_interactive_screen elements now resize with the resolution.11 months3
2847Alan EdwardesTweaked aemetalsheet's specular mask and parameters.11 months2
2846Alan EdwardesRemoved unsupported conditional tests from particle materials.11 months4
2845Alan EdwardesMinor tweak to the glass in sp01 - reduced texture scale.11 months1
2844Alan EdwardesParticles are no longer precached on the player, and are instead precached in the particles_manifest. Added impact_glass, a toned down version of impact_glass from TF2 (removed sprite flash and made alpha lower).11 months7
2843Alan EdwardesUpdated level transition in sp04/sp05. Added consumables to sp04 cupboards.11 months3
2842Alan EdwardesAdded soundscript entries for screaming metal sounds.11 months1
2841Alan EdwardesFixed Marksman in sp08.11 months1
2840Alan EdwardesRemoved sp08theincline_reda.vmf.11 months1
2839Alan EdwardesRemoved bucket from sp07b.11 months1
2838Dima KudriaAdded more brushes for the bucket in the elevator :D also added fan in elevator.
infected in the tunnel now attack you if you touch him when he doing wallpound
11 months1
2837Alan EdwardesRemoved func_clip_vphysics from sp07b.11 months1
2836Dima KudriaFixed elevator bug and changed a bit11 months1
2835Alan EdwardesAdded sp02theforest_r2213.vmf.11 months1
2834Alan EdwardesThe water bucket is now teleported next to you, if you have it in sp10. Func_detailing.11 months2
2833Alan EdwardesRemoved the scrollbar in the credits.11 months1
2832Alan EdwardesAdded "suppress flashlight" option to player_speedmod.11 months2
2831Christiaan BakkerUpdated "Shimsham Wibbly Bong Be Fishy", cutting some of the lower frequencies to spare people their ears.11 months1
2830Alan EdwardesAdded second skin to John's bucket. Implemented achievement water collector.11 months16
2829Alan EdwardesAdded cubemaps to sp01.11 months1
2828Alan EdwardesAdded Houdini.11 months1
2827Alan EdwardesAdded phoneme stuff to hutnag03.wav. Added nags to sp01. Added hutnag into map. John is now deleted after his scene. Added comments to triggers for easy editing.11 months5
2826Alan EdwardesAdded phoneme data to extra John audio.11 months3
2825Alan EdwardesAdded some extra dialogue.11 months7
2824Alan EdwardesUpdates to John's scene:
- Added "disable motion" spawnflag to weapons to allow john's pistol to sit on (inside, technically because of the gun's hull) the table.
- Tweaked lighting to make it slightly brighter
- Added foliage
- More AI nodes.
- John now uses a goal to follow you, instead of the scene.
- Made the dialogue about your boat trigger once you're near to the hut.
- Updates to scene 07.vcd - John now has a target at his feet to stare at. Removed gasp. This needs work.
- Fictional: this update cures the common cold.
11 months8
2823Alan EdwardesHutman can no longer run.11 months1

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